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and pointed to the following url for the "request" If you are a client with email address, use this. Also, if you are a student use this URL I hope that this will help someone else out there. A: Well, I did the research and found that the following URL is working for most of the organization. Though this is not mentioned here Hope this is helpful to someone. In the course of a routine flight operation a pilot occasionally must divert his or her aircraft from a planned flight path in order to avoid collisions with terrain or other obstacles. This is known as an "avoidance maneuver." Aircraft equipped with a terrain avoidance radar system are well-suited for such an operation because the system can be used to quickly identify an object which, based on its size, shape, and speed, presents a hazard to the aircraft. A terrain avoidance radar system typically comprises three fundamental components, namely a forward-looking detection array, a beam forming processor, and a display system. The detection array receives and detects radio frequency (RF) energy from the ground. The beam forming processor converts the detected RF energy into a radar beam and, thus, establishes a conical region about a beam axis, known as a "zone of avoidance." The display system is coupled to the beam forming processor and provides a moving display of objects detected within the conical region of avoidance. Such a display provides the pilot with information regarding a hazard presented to the aircraft by obstacles in the area. The detection array of a terrain avoidance radar system is ordinarily divided into a plurality of individual detection cells. Each detection cell is designed to provide a response characteristic to incoming RF energy. More specifically, each detection cell is typically constructed of a single antenna element and a single matched transducer and has a unique response characteristic, which is selected to provide a



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